Start Small but think Big
Easedcu is an Egyptian association dedicated to develop the national human capital and small enterprises, Our passion for existence is driven by a common vision that education and training are the bases of the development so we pay a special attention to vocational training and adult education and always support the values of the long life learning among the youth
The Association is administrated & managed by an elected board of directors for 3 years and consist of 7 members involved and experienced in business Administration , Human Resources , Advocacy , SMEs Credit .
Our Vision
We believe that the future belongs to those with the vision to see it and the wealth of any nation based on the investments in it's human resources and young people who had the good education and the continues motive of better future
Our Mission
To encourage youth entrepreneurship and fresh graduates the success of youth-owned business in Egypt to Combat unemployment and fight poverty.
Targeted Group
Youth All over Egypt
Volunteering Based Association
75% of our staff working on volunteering basis as we firmly believe in the philosophy of volunteering, which forms its operational core and making each volunteer act as a catalyst in altering the life of the community
Our Partners