Technical and Vocational Education and Training


Skills and competences of employees must constantly be developed and improved.TVET plays a pivotal role in upskilling, reskilling and further development of competences
What We Do ?
The need for career development and lifelong learning of adults in the labour market has increased as economic trends thats why We have pioneered innovative approaches to volunteering and training to ensure everyone can maximize their potential. Our educational courses are designed to meet the needs of young people and adults who have few or no formal qualifications or who are looking to learn new skills to progress in their careers . most of the courses are developed in collaboration with many partners inside and outside Egypt using the experiences and good practices of the new trends of education and technology .
" Building bridges between Education and labour market "

Electronics Diploma

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Carpentry Diploma

Agricultural Machinery Diploma

Ready-made garment Diploma

Hairdressing Diploma

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Welding Diploma

Graphic Design Diploma

catering and hospitality Diploma

Mechanics Diploma

Professional Orientation
We offer our members a Professional Orientation services which is a set of services and activities allow individuals to make decisions on their education, training and occupations, and manage their own careers , during this process individuals are provided with information on the labor market, and various educational and employment opportunities.
Professional Orientation is very useful as it helps individuals to understand own aspirations, interests, competences, personal characteristics, qualifications and skills, and linking them to desirable work opportunities.
many other courses will be available online sooner
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